LTB Hunt in October- hunt contacts are David or Mike Harbison, you can find their contact info on the contact page.

OCT. 19-21st

Camp Beauregard  12,500 arces

10 miles north of Alexandria LA

The Louisiana National Guard primarily uses Camp Beauregard WMA as a training facility but also manages the area’s timber for commercial production.

There are gently rolling hills in the upland areas. Pine plantations dominate the upland overstory, but there are scattered hardwoods in the hills. The upland understory varies considerably depending on the overstory; areas with good understory development support French mulberry, blackberry, greenbrier, yaupon, trumpet creeper, rattan, and other browse plants.

The Flagon Creek area (about 800 acres) frequently floods and is typical bottomland hardwood forest with water, post, overcup, and red oak; hickory; sweetgum; cypress; and bitter pecan. Common understory plants in this area include swamp privet, water elm, mayhaw, and swamp snowbell.Type your paragraph here.

visit to find more info on Camp Beauregard

Camping will be primitive, CenLA Bowbenders has giving permission to use their range grounds.

Everyone can meet up there after Friday evening  scouting, If you have any questions contact Dave, or Mike Harbison.

LTB Hunt January 18-20th (MLK) weekend-Tensas NWR

Camping at Hunters Bend Camp ground- More info to follow.

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